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    I can’t make this stuff up! Some of my adventures are too good to keep to myself. Stay tuned for great laughs, when keeping it real goes wrong episodes, yummy recipes, fab finds, trip re-caps and more. Along with my BFF, Mi Mi, who will jump in with some posts of her own, you will enjoy our raves and rants.

Friday’s Flowers

Friday's Flowers

Fresh flowers for the kitchen table. A beautiful orange color to commence the fall.


Taste of DC 2012

Taste of DC is this weekend and I’m super crunked about it.  Not only will I have an opportunity to sample yum yums from over 50 local restaurants, but I can also get some noms from the local gourmet food trucks!  WOO HOO! I don’t get the chance to go out to grab lunch from … Continue reading

Motivate Me Monday

It’s been officially summer since June 21 (summer solstice).  Despite how hot it gets here in DC, summer is my favorite season.  The level of fun things to do goes up 5 notches in the summer.  Let’s not forget the fact that July is the month in which I was born and will be celebrated … Continue reading

Image and Career – How Much Is Too Much?

I had an extensive conversation the other day with a coworker/sistergirlfriend about image and career promotions.  Apparently, these two things go hand in hand, regardless of your actual technical background or qualifications.  Basically, if you were up against someone with the same expertise and talent as your own, the deciding factor in who gets picked … Continue reading

Banana Cafe: Old Fav or Just Old News?

Today I managed to get up in time for 8am service at church.  Happy Palm Sunday for those who care!  Afterwards, I met up with a friend at good ol’ Banana Cafe.  From what I remembered, they had an all-you-can-eat brunch with unlimited mimosas and a la carte banana pancakes (with caramel sauce *drool*).  We … Continue reading

Goals Check In

Hey Famous Folks! How are your monthly goals coming along? The first week of April is complete and while we can’t get it back, (time is the most precious commodity we have!) you still have time to fulfill the objectives you set for the remainder of the month. 3 of my 5 goals are: 1. Communicate more … Continue reading

Advantages of Nice Weather

The cold months left me yearning for sunshine and the great outdoors.  As soon as decent weather approaches, put it to good use, right?  I grabbed some friends and we all went hiking.  The weather was perfect and we got a good workout in without even feeling it..  Well, except at the end when we … Continue reading

Spare Time? Use It Wisely!

As I sit in traffic, I’m thinking about my agenda and goals. While I jot these ideas down in my BB, it dawns on me.. my schedule and time is jam packed. I need to make time for all this stuff I HAVE to do and WANT to do. Now, don’t get it confused, I … Continue reading

Too Famous to be Ordinary

When I turned 16, I also thought that my parents (Kayrahn and Dino) would surprise me with a debutant style celebration of sorts! *cue Cinderella and Little Mermaid music* When I finally woke up from MY dream (I thought my parents were going to hit the lottery and buy me a Lexus and designer pocketbook, … Continue reading

I’m ‘Bout This Life

For most jobs, we have deadlines for when our milestones are due. When we effectively meet our goals in the time allotted, accolades of sorts are relinquished. I think it’s safe to say all of us experienced this situation at one point, or few, in our lives. In good ways, and some would say less … Continue reading